Dry Eyes

Dry Eye Clinic

Our Dry Eye Clinic concentrates on the diagnosis, underlying causes and treatment of dry eye disease. Early detection and prevention are essential as is focused treatment of dry eye inflammation. Causes of dry eye can be environmental, post-refractive surgical, diabetic, hormonal, medication induced, and all auto immune diseases.

Treatment varies dependent upon the cause of each patient's condition. We are unique in that we use advanced technology tools to determine the exact type of dry eye systemic problem that is caustng the problem. These could include aqueous deficient, Evaporative Tear disorder, lid gland changes or a combination. One of these tools is the OCULUS Keratograph 5M, which is a non-invasive way of scanning the ocular surface. Treatment plans are created for our patient and the doctor will prescribe specific medications to improve the stability of the tear film. Dry Eye disease can significantly impact vision, comfort and quality of life.

Let us help you see clearer and more comfortabty!