PASSAGES study FOR Multiple Sclerosis patients

A research study that will be used to evaluate the long-term safety of a specific MS treatment and other disease modifying therapies (DMT) in patients with MS newly started with the study medication Gilenya or Fingolimod.

Passages is a 5 year study that will provide an opportunity to learn more about the safety and satisfaction of MS Treatment with Fingolimod. 

Patients receive a remuneration for their participation. 

For more information contact Alonso Prusmack here.

Please send your patients to:

Dr. Rosa Tang, MD, MPH, MBA
MS Eye Care at The University Eye Institute
4901 Calhoun Rd, UH Entrance 2
Houston, Texas 77204
Phone: 713-942-2187
Fax: 713-942-0265

Call to schedule an appointment or download this form and fax or e-mail it to us!

Kindly write PASSAGES study FOR Multiple Sclerosis patients under referral reason.